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Ticker Tape 1.3.2

Ticker Tape 1.3.2: Enables Help Desks to quickly `broadcast` status messages to multiple user sites Ticker Tape is a simple way to broadcast unobtrusive messages to workstations spread over one or more sites - it`s ideal for Help Desks or Administrators wanting to proactively advise people of issues affecting one or more locations. Ticker Tape is especially useful where other means of communication, such as email, are unavailable and helps avoid unnecessary calls to the Help Desk reporting known issues or requesting status updates.

Stock Ticker Application Bar 2.30: Stock ticker that displays scrolling stock and indices quotes on your desktop
Stock Ticker Application Bar 2.30

Stock Ticker displays scrolling stock market quotes right across your desktop. This thin bar docks to the top or bottom or your screen and shows stock quotes and price changes as a scrolling line, just like an original old-fashioned stock ticker tape. It automatically or manually refreshes the stock quotes, has user defined scrolling speed, fonts and includes stock symbol lookup features and top or bottom prices stock price alerts.

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News & Quotes Java Ticker Applet 3.1: Browser embedded tool you can enhance your site by showing news and quotes
News & Quotes Java Ticker Applet 3.1

JAVA TICKER APPLET is the perfect browser embedded tool you can enhance your site by showing news and/or stock market quotes in a scrolling ticker tape that you can customize in any way. This ticker can function either as a news ticker or as quotes ticker. By changing an HTML parameter you can make it show either news or stock quotes.

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TickerMyMail 3.01

TickerMyMail helps you to keep on top of all the emails. As soon as a new email arrives in your inbox, you will be notified by a ticker tape running across the top of your screen outlining who the email is from and what is the subject is. A click on this ticker takes you to your inbox where you can read the email. The program acts as a great tool for combating spam or avoiding email you do not want. Supports : POP3, IMAP4, MAPI, Hotmail and AOL

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Tape Recovery 4.03: Kernel for Tape is a powerful tape recovery tool that recovers lost tape data.
Tape Recovery 4.03

Kernel for Tape is excellent tape recovery software used to retrieve data from all kinds of corrupt, damaged tapes cartridges such as DLT (Digital Linear Tape), LTO (Linear Tape Open), AIT (Advanced Intelligent Tape), DAT (Digital Audio Tape) tapes and any formats. Tape file recovery tool utilizes its powerful algorithm to search and retrieve lost files from the damaged tapes.

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Fantasysavers Privacy Toolbar 5.0

Multiple Search Google, Yahoo, and MSN Internet Search Pop-up Blocker Eliminate Spyware Customizable Options Automatic Toolbar Upgrade Trace Remover will remove all traces of usage on your computer. Erase Browser History  Clear Recent Documents Clear Recent Temp files Clear Clipboard Empty Recycle Bin Clear Auto Fill Clear Address Bar Erase Cookies Erase IE Cache Customizable RSS with drop down or ticker tape readout RSS Reader

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StockNews 1.3.40: Real time Financial News
StockNews 1.3.40

StockNews is a high quality ticker tape that monitors the web site of your choice for financial news releases and scrolls them on your computer screen in a non intrusive display. Such high quality financial news monitoring is only available to professional traders and other willing to pay heafty monthly fees. Unlike self refreshing web pages that require a substancial portion of your computer screen, StockNews only takes 32 pixels (about 3% of an

financial, push, stocks, news, realtime

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